dr. joseph’s fingerspelling book
dr. joseph’s fingerspelling book
dr. joseph’s fingerspelling book
dr. joseph’s fingerspelling book
dr. joseph’s fingerspelling book
dr. joseph’s fingerspelling book
dr. joseph’s fingerspelling book
dr. joseph’s fingerspelling book
dr. joseph’s fingerspelling book
dr. joseph’s fingerspelling book
dr. joseph’s fingerspelling book
dr. joseph’s fingerspelling book
dr. joseph’s fingerspelling book
dr. joseph’s fingerspelling book

Dr. Joseph’s Fingerspelling Book

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ISBN: 9780997488708

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Your children can learn to spell and read with this most engaging book

It’s a proven fact: kids learn better when they’re having fun. Dr. Joseph created the Fingerspelling Book to make young children’s early encounter with spelling a fun experience.

Book Description

Dr. Joseph’s Fingerspelling Book will help young spellers find joy in their first attempts to spell, and the book’s visual impact will keep children coming back to it again and again. The imaginative illustrations and captivating characters are the perfect attraction for first-time readers to become engaged in a playful spelling experience.

The words being spelled by the characters in the rhymes contain all of the letters of the alphabet. This way, children have a chance to learn and practice each letter as it appears in the words.

The kinesthetic aspect of fingerspelling helps reinforce learning and provides another way to present spelling to students who might benefit from alternative learning styles. Many of the words listed in the book’s practice exercises are those that school districts have identified as competency words for first and second graders.

Nicole Robillard

The day I brought home the Fingerspelling book for my 3 year old, he immediately wanted to read it with me.

Lydia Lantz

As a mom with two boys aged 2 & 4 we love the illustrations in Dr. Joseph’s Fingerspelling Book.


I gave my grandchildren Dr. Joseph’s Fingerspelling Book, and they were excited to show me new signs they learned.

Bryna S.

My 5 year old absolutely loves the Fingerspelling book. He enjoys seeing the creatures and the story keeps him engaged while he's learning the signed words. It's very creative on finding words that include every letter. Dr. Garcia has made the learning experience fun and easy for both kid and parent.

The perfect book for children learning to spell

Remove stress and pressure in the learn-to-read process

Fingerspelling makes learning to identify and assemble letters into words a game-like experience.

Creative story and compelling artwork

Androgynous characters tell their story in colorful settings. They portray an exciting week-long adventure in poetic verse.

Hand-eye coordination

The letter formations help children focus on their eye-hand coordination.

Guidance to Parents and Teachers

Clear instructions guide parents and teachers through the fingerspelling experience.

About The Author

Dr. Joseph has pioneered the global effort to improve parent/infant communication since 1988. His experiences in the Deaf Community inspired his pioneering work. His books and programs have resulted in thousands of families using signs to communicate with their pre-speech infants. He regularly consults with hospitals, health care providers, and educational institutions on how to use sign language as an effective method of communication. 

Following his military service, he developed a comprehensive course in diagnostic medical communication in American Sign Language to respond to the large number of veterans going deaf from anti-malaria drugs. His groundbreaking work continues with his learn-to-read Dr. Joseph’s Fingerspelling Book, a program that makes learning to read a game-like activity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Children will have command over their dexterity at different times. Generally, around the 4th or 5th year children begin to have adequate finger control to form the letters and numbers. The sessions you have with your child should be shorter at first. As far as the finger shaping aspects, different children have various levels of attention and may like to go through the story without forming the letters to see the characters and hear the poems. As they grow more familiar with and bored with the poems, they will begin to make the finger shapes and that is when the magic happens. This process should not be pushed on children, but rather allow them to find their own interest. It is a good strategy to model the process so the child can see you do the finger shapes while reading the story (without expecting them to participate) so they can see how it is done. Then, later you may find them sitting doing it on their own, following your example.

At this time, the book is available in printed format only. It is a tactile process focused on finger movement. Having the physical book to page through is also a tactile experience. There are enough “screen” programs out there. Children need some things to touch.

The artwork in Dr. Joseph's Fingerspelling Book was created by a Bellingham, Washington artist, Anita Boyle. The poems and informational text were written by Dr. Joseph. The layout was created by Dr. Joseph in cooperation with a Bellingham, Washington designer. The book was printed in Whatcom County, Washington.

You can contact our customer service staff at info@drjosephgarcia.com

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