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Medi-Sign Book
Medi-Sign Book
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Medi-Sign Book

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Medical Book

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Medi-Sign – The Only Complete ASL Medical Sign Course

An Introductory Course In American Sign Language For Medical Practitioners!

Book Description

Medi-Sign is a medical sign language book designed to help health care professionals (doctors, school and community health nurses, emergency room and hospital staff, EMTs, paramedics, firefighters, state patrol and police officers, and other first response and health care personnel) learn occupational specific ASL by offering the type of language found in daily health care communication. Medi-Sign's content was compiled from data collected from medical personnel throughout the United States and Canada. Medi-Sign is structured to offer medical sign language vernacular involved in typical diagnostic and health care professional/patient communication.

The Medi-Sign course combines practical daily medical sign language for health care providers with an organized introduction to American Sign Language grammar and structure.

550 page printed book plus interactive DVD

All proceeds from Medi-Sign sales go to SEEK, a nonprofit organization that advances communication between the Deaf and Hearing communities.

Dr. Robert C. Anderson, Director of Behavioral Medicine & Bioethics, Utah Valley Family Medicine Residency, Provo, Utah.

WHAT A GREAT BOOK/DVD!!! It is often frightening going to a physician and more so if it’s an emergency. Not being able to communicate can only exacerbate an already difficult situation. “Medi-Sign” is a great resource for facilitating communication and reducing fear. This book is a treasure!

The best way to learn medical sign language

Communication with the Deaf creates trust

Usually, an American Sign Language Interpreter is present during a scheduled office visit. However, Dr. Joseph Garcia’s research into communication between doctors and deaf patients found that personal health information is not as forthcoming when a third party (interpreter) — who knows many people in a closed community like the Deaf Community — is present.

Immediate communication

During emergency medical situations, an ASL interpreter isn’t always available.  Emergency personnel would greatly benefit from communicating with deaf patients directly.

Cost consideration

Interpreters are expensive and often limit the complete and preciseness of information given to providers. Medi-Sign-trained staff is trustworthy and does not add cost to health care.

Patients’ health could be compromised

Interpreters are often not available in rural areas or in emergency situations. Patients’ health could be compromised if accurate and clear communication is not available. On-site medical staff with Medi-Sign training can provide the high-level care everyone deserves.

Clear direct communication during long-term care

During long-term care at hospitals, interpreters are unavailable for all hours. Nursing and other medical caregivers would have clear direct communication with patients at all hours of the day and night if Medi-Sign was learned by hospital staff. 

Medi-Sign Addresses These Medical Concerns


Vehicular Injuries, Vision Problems, Injuries Relating to Falls, Back Injuries, Coughs, Drug Use, Allergies, Medications, Breathing Discomfort, Diabetes, Urinary Tract Symptoms, Domestic Abuse

STDs, Sexual History

Cardiovascular Assessment, Family History, Gastrointestinal Symptoms, Kidney Stones, Major Illnesses, Tetanus Shot, Appendicitis, Pregnancy, Abortion, Food Poisoning, Eyes and Ears, Rashes, Bites, Poisoning, Burns

About The Author

Dr. Joseph Garcia began his career as a professional educator in the early 1970s when he learned American Sign Language.

He served as an interpreter in medical and legal settings as well as in high schools and colleges since 1976. He has been active in the Deaf Community throughout his adult life. He served on the Alaskan Governor's Committee on Employment for Persons with Disabilities and has received several major awards for his ground-breaking research in communication and youth development.

Dr. Garcia's Medical Sign Language, published in 1983, offered a dictionary of ASL signs for medical terms.

Dr. Garcia's internationally known programs titled Sign with your Baby in the U.S. and Dr. Joseph Garcia's Complete Guide To Baby Sign Language in the UK have been credited with beginning the baby signing revolution.

His military emergency response background coupled with decades of signing experience have resulted in the creation of the Medi-Sign program.

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