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Dr. Joseph Garcia, the original researcher and the world’s best-selling author of baby sign language books and programs offers a 20% discount on his online program Baby Sign Language in 14 Days. Dr. Joseph was at the forefront of the worldwide baby signing social movement and has been dubbed the grandfather of baby sign language.

First of all, using signs with babies allows babies to communicate their joys, what they specifically need or want, what they fear, and how to begin to use language until vocals mechanisms mature and speech is clear. This 14 Day method results from Joseph being at the nucleus in the baby-signing revolution and studying the successes and barriers to easy and beneficial early communication. His approach is designed to address the learning styles for both busy parents and eager-to-learn babies.

Secondly, because signs are motion, the 14 Day program is available in video format on your various electronic devices so the signs are literally at your fingertips.

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20% Discount on Baby Sign Language in 14 Days for Apple Employees

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When your friends are expecting, give them the amazing gift of learning how to communicate with their baby.

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