Here is What Happened When my Grandkids Came for a Visit

I am lucky enough to have 5 grandkids ages 3 months to 10 years who can wrestle every ounce of energy out of me in about two hours.

When they came over for a visit last week, they saw all the filming equipment in my home studio. So, Koa and Thatcher asked if they could help with my business by making a commercial for me. Full disclosure, their comments, although a bit biased, are still genuine and they really do like my books. They even show the Fingerspelling Book to their younger siblings. Thatcher, the older boy, signed all those amazing concepts when he was a baby and is featured in my “Baby Sign Language in 14 Days” program and on the website,

Dr. Joseph's Fingerspelling Book features fun magical fun creatures and poems to help kids learn to read and spell.

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