Baby Sign Language in 14 Days Transcends All Languages and Cultures

As I traveled the globe, meeting people speaking different languages, one thing that stood out; when the spoken language barrier prevented clear communication, people resorted to using gestures.

Consider a baby understanding the world for the first time. They use all their resources to identify all the key visual and auditory elements as cues to help them understand how the world works. The wonderful thing about the ASL language is that most of the signs look similar to the objects or concepts they represent.

Take for example the sign EAT. Bringing your close fingers and thumb up to your mouth as if putting food into it is the sign for EAT. The motion clearly identifies what it is intended to portray… eating, the act of eating, or food. (Hint for babies) When a facial expression is added to the gestures the gestures become clearer. The more animated the sender is the better the receptor has of figuring out what is meant.

No matter what language you speak or culture you are from you can use the ASL signs. You merely accompany those signs with your own words from your own language. Through repetition, the child will develop a clear understanding of the meaning to your gesture and words…no matter the language. It is important to engage with your child during that important window of development between their visual acuity… around four months, and the onset of clear spoken language… around 18 months to two years of age.

We have delivered our Baby Sign Language in 14 Days Program to countries around the globe. Parents can enjoy clear communication with your baby with this program no matter where you are living or what language you speak. If you have access to the internet, you have access to Baby Sign Language in 14 Days.



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