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Posted August 2020

PodcastWalker Neer of The Walkshow Podcast interviews
Dr. Joseph Garcia

The Walkshow is a podcast exploring the walk of life.  The show has great variety in both topics and guests with music baked into the episodes.

Posted July 2020

PodcastMitch Lagadin of Slow Down, Man interviews
Dr. Joseph Garcia

Slow Down, Man aims to help dudes live more consciously in ALL areas of life. Through facilitating engaging conversations  with high performers, Slow Down, Man gives practical advice on how YOU can live more consciously and intentionally.

Posted May 2020

PodcastPaul Zelizer of AwarePreneurs interviews
Dr. Joseph Garcia

Episode 119 | Supporting Diverse Families with Baby Sign Language

Business Coach for Conscious Entrepreneurs


PodcastJesse Brisendine’s website and TEDx talk

Jesse Brisendine’s program helps people travel a path of healing so that they can create legacies to honor their loved ones. It is still possible to live a fulfilled life, even in the face of tragedy.     @jessebris

June 2020

Podcast − Christopher James Hanlon interviews
Dr. Joseph Garcia

Christopher James Hanlon – A Dad’s Presence 

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