Dr. Joseph's Baby Signs Dictionary



Here is the sign for APPLE. Many babies love eating apples.
Empower your infant to ask for what they want.

How to use the sign: APPLE

There are a lot of signs for foods. Apple is one of them. Children like apples, especially gnaw on before they get teeth and after they get teeth to chew on it. I suggest that you present to your infant signs for many different foods. Because what a baby will do is sign milk for everything at first because they can make that sign. But by giving them lots of different signs for different things like apple or banana, that helps the child differentiate between foods and ask for different foods.

How to make the sign: APPLE

HAND-SHAPE: "X" hand.
MOVEMENT: Twisting motion.
LOCATION: Cheek, next to the mouth.
PRESENTATION: Just before you show or give your child an apple, say and sign, "APPLE".

This sign uses this ASL handshake