Indigenous Tribes First to Receive ‘Dr. Joseph’s Fingerspelling Book’

Dr. Joseph has partnered with the Northwest Indian College to distribute Dr. Joseph’s Fingerspelling Book to the Tribal early learning programs around the Country.

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How people learn language and express their thoughts has long been my research area of interest. My investigation showed that about 58% of all learners respond best to tactile and experiential learning as opposed to absorbing information through a cognitive process alone.

This revelation led me to develop Dr. Joseph’s Fingerspelling Book, a book that turns learning to spell and read into a fun, game-like experience that draws on the tactile and muscle memory aspects of learning. Children learn to put letters together by using their fingers to form words, which makes learning to read enjoyable—removing possible stress caused by the expectation adults sometimes place on children to learn to read by traditional methods.

My dream is that other innovators working on ways to improve the human condition will follow suit and prioritize supporting marginalized communities.

Dr. Joseph Garcia